Watersaver Rain Barrels

Watersaver Rain Barrels are 54-gallon units, made from top of the line durable black plastic a quarter of an inch thick and weighing only twenty pounds.

Watersaver Rain Barrel looks a lot like a wine keg from medieval times with a cool look that gives your garden that almost buccaneer look to it.

The screen fits inside the barrel perfectly and the lid wont come off without you knowing how, making it ruggrat and critter safe.

There is an overflow on the back of this rain barrel that comes with a six foot hose (easily replaceable for more reach) for redirecting your overflow automatically to planters or extra barrels as you see fit.

Two spigot outlets allow you to control the pressure of your water somewhat and the Watersaver Rain Barrel comes with one threaded brass spigot that fits the common garden hose for easy use.

Save money on your water bill, do good for the environment by recycling the most precious source of life on our planet; water.

Watersaver Rain Barrel will not only cut down on your carbon footprint indirectly, it will also look good, fitting snuggly into the corner of your lawn, garden or against the wall, wherever the downspout is.

Watersaver Rain Barrel has a five-year guarantee, but if kept well, should be able to hold up throughout your lifetime, never giving in to the elements of nature, holding 54 gallons of water that will only leave the barrel when you decide.


Posted in Products by Administrator on July 25, 2007.

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