Water Storage

Water Storage is a do-it-yourself guide to rainwater harvesting in a sustainable fashion that makes use of all the possibilities within your grasp, at a low cost to the owner, with ecologically correct designs and building techniques that not only work, but look good once they are done.

Off-Grid water systems, disaster preparedness and fire protection using the principles of ecological design, make sustainable groundwater management, building a cistern, pond or water tank a little more than just tools to fulfill an immediate need, it brings us a perspective on life unlike any other.

A perspective, where, doing-it-ourselves, for ourselves, independently, we end up doing something so important for the collective community and the many creatures that live on this planet, that not only makes a difference; it builds a better tomorrow!

This is not just another engineers guide to plans and building materials, this is a book that was written for you, the real person, the one that makes the difference in the modern world of sustainability.

It doesnt matter if you are looking after your own utopic community or are just a single homesteader in the middle of the big city, what you want (what the whole world wants right now), is to just do something good for the world, while providing for the needs of our right now.

Water Storage is a book with all the answers about why our society and people in the green trends look to storing water, where those peak demands throughout the day are, how supply can vary throughout the year and what measures we can take to secure all the water we need in the most efficient and sustainable solution for your situation, looking to all possible resources available on-site where we live.

This is a 125-page paperback with 128 photos and 43 figures, written by Art Ludwig and published by Oasis Design in May of 2005, measuring 11 x 8.5, ships at 9.6 ounces.

From ferrocement jars to rain barrels, wellsprings or aquifer recharging, Water Storage addresses the best designs for your situation in the most ecologically correct way, to make sure that what you build in your water system will not only last for generations, it will make a difference in the present!

Water Storage will take advantage of what you have on site or locally available, reducing material miles and ecological footprints to achieve something both sustainable and self-reliant in a productive language that even the most average of home owners will easily understand or even zen with their first read.


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