Water Reuse

This is an academic textbook for engineers, environmentalists, builders and anyone looking for the latest scientific research and results on Water Reuse.

The authors have been around for a while, dealing specifically in the engineering, design and development of water reclamation systems for years, and they know what works, what scares people and what could be done to potentially better what is already done, developing an integrated approach to managing our planets precious water resources.

This book is on the cutting edge of applications, current issues, developments in environmental protection criteria, public health, risk management, advanced treatment technologies, practices, new developments, multiple barrier approach concepts with special emphasis on process reliability and considerations on public participation, planning, satellite and decentralized water reuse facilities that make the most of our potential resources.

This scientific text takes the reader through a general introduction to health and environmental concerns in water reuse, to technologies and different systems involved in reclamation, applications of reuse and the actual implementation of water reuse strategies.

This 1570-page hardcover, has over 500 detailed illustrations and photographs, covers the latest issues and trends of water reuse, technology and applications; written by a crew of experts in the field.

Contributing authors include Takashi Asano, Fanklin L. Burton, Harold, L. Leverenz, Ryujiro Tsuchihashi, George Tchobanoglous and Metcalf & Eddy Inc., published by McGraw-Hill Professional in January of 2007, measuring 9.2 x 7.9 x 2.3and shipping at 5.5 pounds.

Teams, Students, engineers, scientists, the technology they use, the issues that confront every major aspect of water reuse from public health protection, water quality, advanced technology, regulations and implementation challenges; this is a hallmark text that sets the road for the next thirty years in how our Cartesian society will use greywater and blackwater.


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