Water From The Sky

Water From The Sky focuses on how to become self-reliant with this most precious of life-giving resources, how it should be caught, saved, treated, used, reused, in the most economical and healthy ways, written by a man whose concern for self-reliance has become not only a passion, but a way of life.

When we think of going off the grid, one of the most important issues is rainwater harvesting, and earthships have this concept ingrained into them, as most of them find themselves in an area where rainfall is an almost sacred thing.

What about once the water has actually fallen to earth? Then what? How can we make sure that the water will stay clean, what about when we use the water, doesnt it have to go out into the sewage system and contaminate our natural rivers?

What about reusing that water through separating not so dirty rinse-water from the deadly sewage of our human waste? Couldnt that rinse water be used in flushing?

What should we do with flushed water? What do we do with excess rinse water? What is a greywater system, how can one be setup, and how does this retake the desert regions around the homes in New Mexico?

If we take questions like these seriously, we find that it is more than possible to turn water from the sky, into a useful tool for our continued survival in desert regions, and that waste-watercan be used to not only irrigate the surrounding property, but retake the desert, with our own tropical oasis, that builds a better quality of life for the future.

This 204-page paperback, written by the well known character/architect behind earthship construction, Michael Reynolds, was published by Solar Survival Press in June of 2005, measuring 10.9 x 8.3 x 0.6 and shipping at 1.2 pounds.

New Mexico is one of the places where water shortages can create serious challenges for the residents, and in the United States, there are already a lot of issues about the sacred water from the sky; this book covers treating water, reusing, using, storing, catching water, from a self-reliant standpoint in one of the driest regions of the world, helping others find solutions to their own situations, today.

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