Snow and Rainwater Harvesting in Himachal India

The state of Himachal is one of the most important tourist states in all of India, and the drought like conditions caused by global warming have recently provoked a major response from the government, Irrigation and Public Health Minister Mr. Kaul Singh Thakur has given Snow and Rainwater harvesting priority for 2007.

Stressing the importance of rooftop harvesting on all the institutional buildings, 72 structures have already been completed with 64 still in progress as of Feb. 1st.

Computers provided up to subdivision level have allowed a management information setup system to be implemented, making things easier for state wide administration on a centralized fashion that moves at the speed of an electron, a rather new concept in Himachal government.

The website was developed to support this international ecotourist state, providing transparency on a global basis showing what measures the government has taken to ensure sustainable practices to a sensitive culture.

Solans water supply scheme should be completed by October of this year, Shimla for December. Bhuntar, Bhota, Shah Tlai and Nauti Khad Shimla are projected for completion by the end of the year.

Sewerage schemes will also achieve focus in Rampur, Hamirpur, Una, Dharamsala, Jogindernagar, Arki and Kulu to be completed within 2007s current budget!

While the 45,367 habitations in the state are far to numerous to be attended this year, a drinking water facility will reach at least 4,080 by next year of which 3,000 have already been at least partially attended.

Thats showing the world what really conscious minded governments can do, HURRAY for Himachal!

Snow Water Harvesting


Posted in India by Administrator on February 1, 2007.

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