Small and Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems

Small and decentralized wastewater management systems is an academic textbook developed for the ongoing trend in the field, as more and more professionals as well as average people, look toward a future that is far more sustainable and self-reliant.

As the traditional focus for wastewater management systems has been on bigger networks, it has been difficult, if not near impossible to find professional engineers that actually know about natural effluent management systems on the smaller decentralized scale.

The more younger students come looking for answers to these tree-hugger questions, the more books and courses like this one are going to appear.

Undergraduates are in for the long haul, they are the future and will determine what kinds of projects our county willor will not be building in the next decade, thus it is essential that they have access to what is proven to work and will also satisfy the current market demands.

Businesses, home owners, and government officials across the country would be smart to put the word sustainable into our mainstream, and its a fact we need to face while we still have time to figure it out, so that when the time comes to really put our knowledge into practice, we have the tools to do the job required!

Does a bigger wastewater and effluent management system really fit the future need? This book shows us that energy efficiency could mean more local solutions to what has more commonly been accepted as a question of urbanization.

On site treatment of wastewater is only part of the picture,more than that is taking into account the cross-disciplines that sustainable practices lead into, such as hydrogeology or biodiversity and make sure that what we build will be ecologically friendly, giving back equally what we take away through colonization and occupation that is ecologically correct.

This 1104-page hardcover, written by Ronald W. Crites and George Tchobanoglous, was published by McGraw-Hill in April of 1998, measuring 9.4 x 6.6 x 1.8 and ships at 3.5 pounds.

For a comprehensive approach to design, covering traditional disposal and treatment of waste effluent as well as the more trendy innovations in the eco-friendly, Small and Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems is a must read for undergraduate student engineers and the eco-interested for more self-reliant ways of taking care of our waste effluent that is environmentally beneficial as well as globally sustainable.

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