Roof and Gutter Heating Cables

The roof and gutter heating cable was developed to make sure that neither ice dams nor water, ever damage the gutters or the roof during the winter months.

Easily installed, fasteners are provided, products include:

Developing products for almost a century and designing upon demand, M-D Building Products has a long history of manufacturing expertise that lead the industry in almost every category.

Oklahoma City, OK and Gainesville, GA host this makers industrial plants; where roof and gutter heating cables are manufactured with the highest quality available today.

Metal, vinyl or plastic gutters and downspouts will be well protected all winter long, using energy efficiently with a new low wattage that is 30 percent more economical than traditional designs.

UL and CSA approved, this roof and gutter heating cable at 100 feet long, weighs no more than only 5.05 pounds, the perfect thing for protection against ice dams and excess water damage this winter.


Posted in Products by Administrator on December 1, 2006.

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