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rainwater tankHere is a small capacity (55 gallon) rainwater tank for rainwater collection. It is a tank and diverter system I make for catalog companies but have some overstock. These are pretty much as good as they get but because the design is different than my traditional rain barrels I only offer them here. This system can also tie into rainwater harvesting systems or act as a first flush type device. I am selling these units to support my environmental blogs so all support is greatly appreciated!

Note: The tanks are for rainwater harvesting for garden plants and fish ponds. If you are planning to drink rainwater you do so at your own risk, please filter the water.

Each Rainwater Tank comes with all you need for easy setup including:

55 Gallon Rainwater Tank (white and paintable) – These tanks are food grade and rugged, can handle all kinds of weather.
Brass Threaded Spigot – Solid Brass tank spigot that is threaded for ordinary garden hose.
Rainwater Diverter & Connection Hose – A smart rainwater diverter that runs until the tank is full then diverts back to the existing drainage pipe.
Winter Plug – For those interested in storing the storage tank during winter and leaving the diverter outside.
Instructions – Easy to follow instructions.

($150 with Free Shipping!)


Harvester BarrelWilliam Kolosi writes:

I ordered and received my harvester last week, and installed it over the weekend. It’s installed in Stow, Ohio, and we’re expecting rain tomorrow night—can’t wait! Attached are some photos.

After I took the photos I tied some string into a net that fits nicely on the top half of the barrel. I replanted some ivy from elsewhere around the house, and strung it up through the net. My goal is to have the harvester look like a shrub! Nice product, coming together with the downspout diverter.

Susan Hamilton from Grand Prairie, TX writes:
hosed diverter barrel
We had a half inch in the rain gauge, and the barrel filled completely up! It was a snap to install and seems to be very well made. I am extremely pleased with your product. Here is a picture for you to see the finished flowerbed with rain barrel installed.


I entered a contest that I saw on our company’s home page, about water conservation. A group that the company sponsors through our ESH department called Green Star held a contest and had two categories, one was water conservation, and the other was xeriscaping. I sent in pictures of my rain barrel, one pic of it hooked into the gutter and the other pic of the side with the soaker hose. I won first place, and got a $50 master card to spend wherever I want to. I’m doing the happy dance J!

Interested in traditional rain barrels? (click image below)

Buy a rain barrel from Aaron's Rain Barrels


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