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I make/sell rain barrels from my other site I call Aaron’s Rain Barrels, it’s kind of a hobby part time business. Every once an awhile I get a nice customer testimonial that is relevant to this website so here it is. This rainwater harvester shows that you do not need to spend much to harvest rain. I also have a pile of all kinds of stuff here (imported from Germany) if you want to set up something for yourself or are in need of a little assistance. These “testimonials” make what I do well worth it and it’s amazing how far a few kind words can go when you make rain barrels in 20 degree weather!

Eric’s Rainwater Harvester

rainwater harvesterThought you might like to know of the great success that was obtained from your excellent products. Ordered the 3p Rainus from you along with a Rain Mammoth setup. Have since obtained a FloTrue Smart Valve Rainwater Diverter that flushes the first 10 to 60 gallons of water from the roof (the amount is up to the individual). They got blown away in hurricane Katrina and are trying to re-tool for production again.

I eventually obtained one from www.braewater.com , the last one on the shelf. Look at Flotrue’s Smart Valve Dealers page for more dealers. The product was inexpensive ($80) and performed excellently.

Then purchased a Katydyn Gravydyn 2 1/2″ gallon drip ceramic and carbon filter from REI.com. Look/search under water filters on this page for the Katydyn filter.

Had the rainwater tested by a Fort Worth, Texas microbiology water testing company and the test results came back astonishingly clean for being in the middle of a large city and using a composite roof.

  • Lead -.02 mg/liter
  • Sulfates-1.3 mg/liter
  • Nitrates- .02 mg/liter
  • Fecal Coliform – 0% none

Was also told this was at the very bottom of anywhere near the accepted parts per million. They said “drink it”.

This was very exciting for me and I share this with you as you mentioned that you were looking for an “off the grid” system to maybe offer to others. No electrical anything. If you look closely between the barrels in the picture that was sent, the Flo-True can set-up can be seen. The valve is mounted inside the “clean-out tee” at the bottom of the white pipes.

Thanks for dealing with me and offering some guidance; love your 3P Rainus filter by the way, does a nice job and my home is overhung by many trees. Have gutter leaf guards on the roof also.

Hope that Spring is coming your way and your days are a bit brighter. Keep up the good work for earth and her inhabitants. Best Rain barrel product on the market! I know, have seen many.

Maybe if your days are a bit brighter you could actually read the latest TIME magazine, April 3, 2006 Special Report on Global Warming “Earth at The Tipping Point”. Might make you feel important.

Oh, and keep up the work on the “Technorati” pages, this is where I gained a lot of initial insight on my dream of Rainwater Harvesting.

Kind Regards –

Eric V.

Thanks Eric, I will need to complete my low cost rainwater harvesting system this season, thanks for inspiring me, it was a long winter in New England.


Posted in Harvesting by Administrator on March 28, 2006.

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