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My Rainwater Collection System

I have been making rain barrels for rainwater collection for years and offer them from my other website. I have also installed multiple units together to make larger capacity rain water collection systems and there have been several people who have requested this. My rainwater collection systems are still not technically complete so I am working to change this by adding a downspout filter with first flush to the chain. The water that ends up in my new systems will be free of debris and ready for purification. People could use them as a temporary emergency water supply or without purification for their indoor and outdoor plants.

Here are a few images sent to me by the Piper Family from IL of the steps taken to setup a rainwater collection system I sent them. The system is made out of (3) “food grade” 55 gallon containers that are connected together using 3” PVC fittings. Each unit has a threaded spigot to run standard garden hose to areas of the yard in need of water. There is also a 3” overflow at the end of the string of barrels to drain overflow away from the house using standard PVC pipe. Note: This is also a great way to dry up a leaky basement.

Rainwater Collection System – Setup

Here’s the original site behind the garage. The wire going into the garage is for propane. (The tank is behind the lattice “box” on the right).

We lined the area in landscape bricks and laid down a few bags of paving screenings and crushed limestone. After it was level, we placed two cinderblocks two high on top to support each barrel. (12 cinder blocks and 6 pavers total) We used the pavers so the cinderblocks wouldn’t sink into the ground over time.

This is the opening from the other side. There is an elbow here and about 1 ½ feet from the ground another 2 elbows to bring the pipe along the garage. The pipe runs along the back of the garage on an incline and out a few feet beyond the edge of the garage. We installed a screen on the end of the pipe to prevent little critters from possibly running through.

Done! The boards gave us a surface to nail on some plastic lattice. (This lattice was left over from when we did the enclosure on the right about 4 years ago) I couldn’t throw it away at the time because I thought we might be able to use it again. Worked out perfect – we had just enough!

It’s amazing how quick your rainwater collection system fills up! Since our gardens are behind the garage and house, it has become much easier to water. Now we don’t have to wind up the hose all the time and we don’t have to worry as much about the water rationing in the summer months. THANK YOU AARON!

I always enjoy helping out people who are “hands on” like this. Since they are only using this rainwater collection system to water plants and divert rooftop runoff there is no reason for rainwater purification. I am currently making them a gutter strainer and first flush unit to remove debris that can stagnate standing water.

There you have it, a low cost working rainwater collection system.


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