Rain Drain

RAINDRAIN product URD46 downspout extension was designed to protect against soil erosion, lawn gullies, and washouts and enhance landscaping to keep foundations and basements drier, assisting in retaining structural materials.

When It Rains, It Drains.TM When It Shines, It Rewinds.TM Rain Drain is a rain removal system that extends from the downspout only when runoff water pressure forces the built in stainless steal coils to unwind up to three feet from the downspout acting like a lawn sprinkler with perforated holes instead of a mouth exit as with the traditional downspout elbow.

Rain Drain also comes with a built in flush system, simply remove the grooved plastic fastener and flush excess debris manually from the UV inhibited vinyl construction that blends aesthetically with its surroundings, available in four different colors; white, dark brown, green and tan.

Rain Drain downspout extension URD46 is a full 46 inches when extended, two by three or three by four inches at the flush valve and opens to four inches round while in use.

An easy to install gasket and clamp are included and Rain Drain should always be brought inside during the winter and freezing months to keep durability and pliable softness for each new rainy season.

Shipping at only 3.20 ounces, this heavy-duty vinyl RAINDRAIN URD46 Downspout Extension rain drain automatically unrolls during showers and rerolls when the rain stops, protecting foundations from dampness and runoff seepage.


Posted in Products by Administrator on November 26, 2006.

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