Rain Catcher Water Barrels

Rain Catcher Water Barrels are 54 gallon capacity fresh water receptacles, designed to fit snuggly and compactly against the wall of your deck, patio or house, in a fine green that blends in well with your lawn or garden.

This water barrel is child-safe and comes with a snug filter and lid, as well as overflow tube and linking kit for additional barrels in your rainwater catchment system.

rain catcher water barrelsMeasuring 24 x 24 x 32 and weighing only 36 lbs, the Rain Catcher has a built in outlet hose with shut-off valve.

These dark green 54 gallon rain barrels will withstand generations of use, year after year, will save precious water for your lawn or garden, making your home a more sustainable environment.

The Rain Catcher Water Barrel fits compactly in the corner of your patio, deck or garden, adding just that aesthetic feel with a hint of water conservation that will make the difference tomorrow.

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Posted in Products by Administrator on July 18, 2007.

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