Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems

Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems is book that covers a wide and diverse area, making the difference in the market of today, especially for engineers that are already working in the field and need the scientific knowledge behind the biological aspects of a more self-reliant and sustainable future for our civilization.

People already want the ecologically correct solutions and studies show how we can make those solutions actually the more financially viable alternative to mechanical and chemical filtration that traditionally has had a devastating effect on our environment, and the cost is driving the world into an emergency situation.

Thinking globally, but acting locally, in accordance to the laws that mother nature has put down, understanding and observing the way the planet deals with wastewater and reproducing those conditions in our planning and projects so as to return the energy supplied in collective blackwater management systems back into nature safely and wisely in stewardship of the planet.

As engineers, we now need to think progress in terms of the planet as a whole, where every last rock and tree is just as much a part of the civilization we are planning to develop as the people living in it.

Systems… It’s all about systems… Working with nature as part of our whole system, not separate from it, and using her qualities to delve deeper into the heart of our most essential needs.

Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems is an excellent place to find all the most up to date and current information on ecologically correct and financially more desirable solutions that transform blackwater into greywater, the way nature intended through more than 30 examples, 178 scientific tables and over 30 years of research that is now considered common knowledge.

This 576-page hardcover academic text for civil and environmental engineering courses, written by Ronald W. Crites, E. Joe Middlebrooks and Sherwood C. Reed, published by CRC in August of 2005, measures 8.9 x 5.9 x 1.5 and ships at 2 pounds.

Effectively incorporating the theories and processes of several of the most recent core engineering disciplines into a single text, this book is at the same time the perfect reference text for undergrad courses and professionals already working in the area, providing up to date, serious information, on Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems.


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