Managing Community Water Supplies

Developing and Managing Community Water Supplies is a how-to book, based on field experience, from using short case studies to discussing all the issues related to the different stages of water supply development to the founding of a community program that will work, no matter where you are.

Water supply Image of hose spraying waterInvolving all the members of a community in the different decisions that need to be taken around water provision, hygiene and education from the very start, Oxfam water fieldworkers who have been there and done this in the most rural communities on earth and have experience; they pass their knowledge on to you, for a more sustainable world community that cares about how we use water, right now.

What puts this book apart from a lot of other project books out there is that it was written by people who actually lived and went through it, holding dear to the UN principles of water conservation,in a world that has all but given up on the impoverished communities of our world.

Do you believe that every last man, woman and child has the right to development? Are you committed to fighting for a future where all people can meet their basic needs for food, shelter, health, skills, live without the fear of violence, be heard and live free of discrimination?

Oxfam is dedicated to this, all over the world, and this book is a direct result of fighting that battle, for a better tomorrow, one that we cannotjust hope for, but count on, because people like your are taking matters into their own hands, through knowledge, wisdom and most importantly, action!

An action that can be as simple as how our community is dealing with its water supplies or as deep as world concern!

This 184-page paperback, written by Jan Davis, Gerry Garvey and Michael Wood, was first published by Oxfam in December of 1993, measuring 8.3 x 5.4 x 0.7 and ships at 7.2 ounces.

If you are interested in Developing and Managing the Community Water Supplies where you live or somewhere dear to you, this book will show you how it has been done in the past, the potential problems you can face and more importantly, excellent strategies for overcoming those obstacles, reaching for success, starting now.

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