Gutter Strainer

Proper rainwater harvesting requires that you fit the right kind of gutter strainer and other components to create a system that will be sure to work efficiently to deliver high quality rainwater into your rainwater harvesting storage tanks.

Quite Harvesting often there Filter is a danger in selecting low quality cheap items to include in your rainwater harvesting system without first carefully examining if they are really capable of performing the task or tasks that they are supposed to.

A good example here is the gutter strainer. Actually this is a key item in any rainwater harvesting system that may seem simple enough. Deceptively so. A gutter strainer is an important tool in the first step of the process of harvesting rainwater which is the removal of debris, leaves and host of other particles and solids that could easily end up in the rainwater harvesting storage tank making it much more difficult Rainwater to take the water to the next stage of the filtering process.

The first question you will need to ask yourself in selecting a gutter strainer is if it will be able to separate debris in he gutter but not clog the actual gutter itself and prevent the valuable rainwater from flowing unhindered into the rainwater harvesting storage tanks.

You can get really high tech and select a downspout filter. Especially for a larger rainwater harvesting system. Or you can do what most people do and purchase a low cost but effective Sydney gutter strainer. Either way you want a unit that will be efficient, effective and One needs to be very careful when dealing with items that are supposed to take the huge force that water usually exerts. You must have seen they damage that water can sometimes do, to land, buildings roads and so on. Thus it is a good idea to bear all this in mind when you are designing your rainwater harvesting system, no matter how big or small it is.

Filtering of the debris done by a gutter strainer does not mean that the water is suitable for drinking or human consumption and use. Even if the water is very clear and clean, as seen by the human eye, it will still need to be further filtered and treated against the tiny microorganisms present in water but which cannot be seen by the human eye. These microorganisms can be very dangerous and harmful to the health.

Still, ending up with water that is clean to the naked eye, apart from the tiny particles getting through that usually settle at the bottom of the tank, is usually a clear sign that your gutter strainer is working properly.

The gutter strainer pictured here and above removes leaf, pine needles and other debris that would otherwise clog your downspout. There is also room for modification, you could add a stainless screen insert and use it like you would a more expensive downspout filter. If you are looking for a quick way to remove debris from you downspout these gutter strainers work well.


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