Gutter Brush

Gutter Brush was not so much designed as it was discovered by accident, after Bob the founder of “The GutterBrush” accidentally left a twisted brush in his cabin gutter for a whole year thereby discovering a new way to keep the gutter free of debris.

Gutter Brush is a simple yet effective design, technically a polypropylene brush in twisted wire of a cylinder shape, available in two different sizes, 4.25 inches for the standard 5 inch gutters or 5.25 inches for the oversized 6 inch gutters.

The GutterBrush bristles prevent leaves and other types of rooftop debris from clogging the gutters and impeding water flow.

The airflow, sun, rain and wind all make sure that debris either dries out and blows away or self-composts and breaks down into small particles that wash into the downspout.

Cleaning, if ever needed, while maintaining the gutters themselves, is as easy as removing individual sections and brushing out the debris by hand, installing is just as simple as placing them in the gutter.

Gutter Brush works just as well with any material types, be they Asphalt, Cedar Shake, Slate, Tile, Rubber, Metal, Copper, PVC, Aluminum, Galvanized or Stainless Steel alike.

One box of standard sized gutter brush, 120ft per box will weigh some 26 pounds, while the oversized gutter brush box comes half that at 60ft per box and only weighing 16 pounds.

Ice dams are the result of improper insulation, and snow melt leaving a build up of ice in the gutter, of which Gutter Brush has no effect, but the bristles absorb heat, promoting rapid melting as soon as it warms back up.

Gutter Brush can be found in 3 feet and 18 inches, when a gutter is too short, simply bend back the brush upon itself and the desired length is then immediately achieved.

Gutter Brush is an excellent find, and an even more efficient mechanical filter for this fall’s rainwater harvesting, less upkeep and 100% preventive of downspout freezing or damage in winter’s coldest months.

Gutter Brush is one of the best gutter protectors for this winter, simple yet effective all year round.


Posted in Products by Administrator on December 3, 2006.

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