Great American Rain Barrels

Great American Rain Barrels are 60 gallon units, made from recycled food grade barrels three sixteenths of an inch thick right here in the good ole yoU eS of Aye.

Rigid plastic like this can take anywhere from 200 to 500 years to find the way back to Mother Nature in the landfill, but when in use as a rain barrel, with a threaded spigot for easy hose attachment, screw-on-cover, drain plug, overflow fittings and complete instructions, it becomes a lifetime commitment to sustainable practices.

bain barrels in three colorsGreat American Rain Barrels can even be put on blocks and connected to a second barrel with nothing but a three fourths of an inch hose, making it one of the most practical devices of our generation.

On the whole, this 60 gallon heavy-duty 100% recycled plastic food grade barrel will allow you to save on your water bill, while at the same time helping our environment; this truly is The Great American Rain Barrel! Semper fidelis!


Posted in Products by Administrator on July 18, 2007.

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