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Smart Drain

I enjoy searching the internet for new drainage products because these materials can often be used in multiple applications. Here is a new drainage product called the smart drain which is an interesting drainage material.

How does this drainage product work?

This drainage product uses capillary action and requires very little head pressure to start working. In saturated conditions it draws water into its micro channels then provides additional drainage force to whisk the water away from the drainage area. You simply dig up a few inches of soil and roll the material into place.

Drainage Product Benefits

  1. Uses no mechanical equipment, nice!
  2. Leaves just enough moisture to ensure optimum conditions for growth of grasses and trees.
  3. Can work in any soil type.
  4. Unlike ordinary perforated pipe, it doesn’t clog. Moreover the excess water is filtered, which reduces soil runoff, what you have left is clean water.
  5. It is also very easy to work with.

Drainage Product Review

I have contacted smart drain about this material and would like to get a piece to test it out in a rainwater filtration system which will give me an ??????????????TokyoDownTownCool idea of what it can do. What I can say is that if this material can do what they claim it does it can be used in all kinds of applications. Will keep you updated on this promising drainage product.

Here is a video clip brought to you by smart drain, click image below to see this material in use.


Posted in Diversion by Administrator on June 2, 2005.

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