Downspout Filter

The downspout filter is a simple and yet hardworking and extremely useful tool in any rainwater harvesting system.

The rainwater entering the downspout filter is usually controlled by baffles in the downspout filter which then collected in a sump basin. Immediately the water flows over the sump lip, it is then distributed over the first filter step of the several cascades.

This first primary cascade filters out larger particles and solids, preventing them from flowing further or even going anywhere near the rainwater harvesting tank. This eventuality would usually make it a lot harder to take the water through the other stages of filtering and treatment of the water. By removing as much debris as possible, the downspout filter helps make the next stage of treatment much easier and much more efficient.

Immediately below the first primary cascade is a fine filter which removes all particles that were not dealt with in the first cascade. This filter mainly deals with fine dirt and much tinnier particles that may have flowed with the rainwater from the roof top when the water was flowing into the gutters.

All the time, both Rainwater large particles and fine dirt are discharged through the front of the filter. The result is that lots of extremely clean-looking water usually flows out of the filter outlet to the rainwater harvesting tank or discharge area.

The 3P Rainus Downspout Filter is a high end, high quality downspout filter that also acts as a leaf and debris separator. So clean is the water usually produced that this is a good place to remind readers yet again that this downspout filter does not make water fit to drink or for human consumption.

This is a durable product that can be fitted to any water down pipe. What most people like about it, is that it is easy to maintain and monitor. It efficiently and effectively cleans rainwater without interfering with or altering the flow. Solids are separated through the front opening.

The Rainus filter can be installed on downspout tubes with the diameters of 110, 100, and 80mm. Adaptors facilitate an even wider range of connections.

I currently testing a small capacity rainwater harvesting system for people who would like to collect water for off grid cabins, homes or to use as an emergency water supply. The systems uses first flush and a downspout filter to separate rooftop debris from water, details coming soon.


Posted in Filters by Administrator on May 13, 2005.

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