Downspout Extension

A downspout extension is a wonderful way to make sure that rainwater flows in the ideal direction, preserving foundations, plants and flowers.

This Downspout Extension fits snugly on existing elbows, either 2×3 inch or 3×4 inch downspouts, and swivels freely 180 degrees or flips up for better gardening or mowing as required.

The interesting telescoping option available with this model allows the length to adjust from three to six feet long depending on needs.

Made from lightweight PVC vinyl, a downspout extension is paintable as well as available in brown or white original as desired.

A downspout extension will allow for better control of large amounts of storm water runoff, keeping the foundation of your home drier, saving flowers,plants or anything else that might not appreciate the chaotic nature of an ordinary downspout elbow without ground directioning.

Flipped up for better storage in the dry season, downspout extension ships at only 4 pounds and makes for an all winter protection; especially indicated for spring thawing as it does not need to be brought indoors.


Posted in Products by Administrator on November 29, 2006.

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