Design for Water

Design for water by Heather Kinkade-Levario is a guide to rainwater harvesting, stormwater catchment and alternate water reuse mainly in urban environments, focused on professional engineers and architects already working in a related field and looking to get started in passive water collection.

This 240-page paperback was recently published in June of 2007 by New Society Publishers and holds an ecological taste to it, inspired by the latest tend in our country for sustainable practices in the use of water.

Design for water is a way of thinking about how our western society uses and abuses Mother Natures life giving elixir and proposes strategies for the professional of tomorrows America, to take precautions for the now.

Outlines for municipal systems, parks, schools, industries, commerce, residential communities, and multiple sources-landscape for water collection providing also, case studies, references, schematics and even specific details as well as how to assemble and apply equipment.

Rainwater harvesting for wildlife, filtration, analysis, purification, distribution, reuse, storm water reuse, storage, setup, active systems and passive systems are all well detailed.

Some of the more modern catchment techniques already in use are also dealt with in order to make this book more appealing to landowners, developers, municipal decision-makers, landscape architects and engineers.

Design for Water was developed to make research on sustainable water practices more accessible to the professional in the know today with guidelines and important information for preparing the most passive alternative available.


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