Deluxe English Barrels

Deluxe English Barrels hold 77 gallons of water and is made from an attractive green plastic with an old fashioned English whiskey barrel design showing professionalism in its manufacturing.

Deluxe English Barrel comes with a four-foot hose, a drain valve for multiple rain barrel link ups, a debris screen and a tight childproof lid.

This durable green plastic will hold up to the elements, decade after decade, and keep on maintaining your lawn sustainable while water bills skyrocket, year after year; yours will be sustainable and partially off-the-grid.

By using a larger capacity rain barrel, you can keep a larger supply of water for a longer period, while still keeping your lawn green and lovely all year round, even in a drought.

The Deluxe English Barrel is a 77 gallon rain barrel that comes with everything you will need to redirect your downspout into a more sustainable lifestyle in lawn keeping and gardening.


Posted in Products by Administrator on July 25, 2007.

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