Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems

Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems is book that covers a wide and diverse area, making the difference in the market of today, especially for engineers that are already working in the field and need the scientific knowledge behind the biological aspects of a more self-reliant and sustainable future for our civilization. People already want the ecologically […]

Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse

Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse: Water Quality Management Library, Volume X is a group of studies around the situation in Orange County in the early to late 1990s, unveiled due to increasing pressure from the public about water resources, giving rise to ecologically correct processes in reuse that work with nature. See case studies on what […]

Water Reuse

This is an academic textbook for engineers, environmentalists, builders and anyone looking for the latest scientific research and results on Water Reuse. The authors have been around for a while, dealing specifically in the engineering, design and development of water reclamation systems for years, and they know what works, what scares people and what could […]

Small and Decentralized Wastewater Management Systems

Small and decentralized wastewater management systems is an academic textbook developed for the ongoing trend in the field, as more and more professionals as well as average people, look toward a future that is far more sustainable and self-reliant. As the traditional focus for wastewater management systems has been on bigger networks, it has been […]