Coke Rainwater Harvesting in India Builds on their Promise

India has given Coke a challenge, with rainwater harvesting to meet their own needs and the needs of the people they share water reserves with and building on their promise; Coke is doing good. “The Coca-Cola Company exists to benefit and refresh everyone that it touches.” That is the Coca-Cola Promise and with festivals like […]

Snow and Rainwater Harvesting in Himachal India

The state of Himachal is one of the most important tourist states in all of India, and the drought like conditions caused by global warming have recently provoked a major response from the government, Irrigation and Public Health Minister Mr. Kaul Singh Thakur has given Snow and Rainwater harvesting priority for 2007. Stressing the importance […]

Coke Shareholder Meeting

Coca-cola’s shareholder meeting at the “Hotel du Pont” in Wilmington, Delaware was a lively one this year and rainwater harvesting, water depletion and India’s water concerns are kicking at the door. Protester’s tried hard to steal the spotlight as Corpwatch reports: A circus-like gathering of protesters vied to get the attention of, or steal the […]

Coke Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting in India at Coke factories It has been almost 17 years since the fast-food war was un-officially won by Pepsi in the US and Coke took refuge in the developing third world. Since that time, people living in the states have rivaled in a fun kind of way their preferred taste, but when […]

Rainwater Harvesting India

Why discuss Rainwater Harvesting in India? In India, rainwater harvesting is an ancient tradition. From as far back as 4500 BC, the simplest of earthworks in Thar Desert and Rajasthan, would harvest water from the falling rain. These simplest forms of rainwater harvesting would evolve in accordance to the eco-regions within India’s borders. Using rivers, […]