Ceramic Water Filters

Ceramic Water Filters are a low-tech solution to the problems of water pollution that threaten a third of the worlds population. Potters for Peace founded in Nicaragua, in 1986 is a network of volunteers, supporters, educators, technicians and potters that work mainly in Central America and abroad with ceramic water filter projects all over the […]

Waterless Toilets

In the world concern to keep water clean and harvest it as much as possible, some specialists in the area of water harvesting have actually advocated the simple non-pollution through the use of composting toilets. In Mexico City this year, Scandinavian and German environmentalists that have been working in West Africa with composting toilets took […]

Inlet Filters

Using Inlet filters for rainwater harvesting is an important part of debris removal. It has been proven that a sloping inlet filter can efficiently self cleanitself. Brett Martinson and Terry Thomas of the Development Technology Unit School of Engineering, UK completed a study on inlet filter efficiency. Inlet filter fabric that is stretched flat traps […]

Living Machine

What is a Living Machine? A Living Machine is an advanced biofilter that has been designed to treat blackwater sewage. What demarks the living machine is the fact that it does the job of eliminating the human threat to our lakes, streams and oceans, through the purification of our raw sewage. For most people, the […]


What is a Biofilter? A Biofilter is any group of microorganisms cultivated in a closed biomedia with the intention of purifying contaminated gases or liquids. How could a biological filter of this kind help purify harvested rainwater for example? One of the biggest points to harvesting rainwater is making absolute certain that the water is […]

First Flush

What is First Flush? During the first moments of a rain storm pollen, mold spoors and other contaminants are washed off a rooftop and into its drainage system. If the downspout tube does not have some type of first flush device to remove this foul water it will be washed into a rainwater harvesting system. […]

Roof Washer

So what exactly is a roof washer? A roof washer is a device or even simply a method for removal of sediment and debris from collection surfaces shortly after the rain has started to fall. This is usually accomplished by diverting the initial rainfall away from entry into the rainwater harvesting storage tanks or cistern. […]

Rainwater Purification

Dangers of rainwater harvesting without Purification Despite the fact that rainwater from rainwater harvesting is usually of a much higher quality than water that is obtained from most of the other sources, it still needs to go thru a rainwater purification process to be safe for consumption. Cleansing the roof and water tanks and having […]

Downspout Filter

The downspout filter is a simple and yet hardworking and extremely useful tool in any rainwater harvesting system. The rainwater entering the downspout filter is usually controlled by baffles in the downspout filter which then collected in a sump basin. Immediately the water flows over the sump lip, it is then distributed over the first […]