Rain Barrel Construction

The following rain barrel construction project was done by Scott Dixon from Rexburg, Idaho – rain barrel configuration and parts supplied by Aaron’s Rain Barrels. Step 1. Construction of the Rain Barrels Base Because we had some summer storms coming, I constructed a temporary base for the barrels made of concrete blocks and 2×4 studs. […]

Pringle Creek Community

First Green Streets in Salem Oregon The old site of Fairview Hospital in Salem, Oregon, is now being paved with green streets and a large rainwater harvesting neighborhood. Normally the storm runoff from houses, streets, curbs, sidewalks, driveways, lawns and so on, would find its way out to lovely Pringle Creek, thus poisoned by the […]

Rain Chain

Rain Chain – A Japanese Tradition The kusari-doi, or rain chain is a Japanese invention that has been around for hundreds of years as a way to direct rainwater from the roof into a basin for drinking. Rain chains usually come with a water basin made from copper or stone to catch the water from […]

First Flush Diversion

First Flush Diversion Brett Martinson and Terry Thomas of the DTU School of Engineering ( who also did a study on inlet filtration ) have another interesting file on first flush diversion that you might want to take a look at. First Flush Diversion Study The DTU has studied rooftop turbidities from a good variety […]

French Drain

What is a French Drain? The French drain is basically a trench filled with gravel. This trench is meant to keep the water runoff from a sloping piece of land to be rerouted in a productive manner. It was invented in Concord by the farmer/judge Henry French (Harvard Graduate). When surface water (such as heavy […]

Gutter Guard

What is a Gutter Guard? I often have people ask me about using Gutter Guards to eliminate runoff debris that collects in a rain barrel or rainwater harvesting system. What I have told them is that I am no expert on gutter protection but what I suspect is that they are only good for filtering […]

Drainage Product

Smart Drain I enjoy searching the internet for new drainage products because these materials can often be used in multiple applications. Here is a new drainage product called the smart drain which is an interesting drainage material. How does this drainage product work? This drainage product uses capillary action and requires very little head pressure […]

Gutter Strainer

Proper rainwater harvesting requires that you fit the right kind of gutter strainer and other components to create a system that will be sure to work efficiently to deliver high quality rainwater into your rainwater harvesting storage tanks. Quite Harvesting often there Filter is a danger in selecting low quality cheap items to include in […]