Rain Barrel Construction

The following rain barrel construction project was done by Scott Dixon from Rexburg, Idaho – rain barrel configuration and parts supplied by Aaron’s Rain Barrels. Step 1. Construction of the Rain Barrels Base Because we had some summer storms coming, I constructed a temporary base for the barrels made of concrete blocks and 2×4 studs. […]

AquaBlox Water Matrix Tank Module

AquaBlox Water Matrix Tank Modules are prefabricated rainwater harvesting blocks that ship in the form of collapsed panels, folded liner and filtration carpet, for quick and effortless installation that conforms to the needs of any underground rainwater harvesting system. Made from 85% recycled polypropylene and 15% propriety selected materials, 95% of the surface area is […]

Watersaver Rain Barrels

Watersaver Rain Barrels are 54-gallon units, made from top of the line durable black plastic a quarter of an inch thick and weighing only twenty pounds. Watersaver Rain Barrel looks a lot like a wine keg from medieval times with a cool look that gives your garden that almost buccaneer look to it. The screen […]

Deluxe English Barrels

Deluxe English Barrels hold 77 gallons of water and is made from an attractive green plastic with an old fashioned English whiskey barrel design showing professionalism in its manufacturing. Deluxe English Barrel comes with a four-foot hose, a drain valve for multiple rain barrel link ups, a debris screen and a tight childproof lid. This […]

Rain Catcher Water Barrels

Rain Catcher Water Barrels are 54 gallon capacity fresh water receptacles, designed to fit snuggly and compactly against the wall of your deck, patio or house, in a fine green that blends in well with your lawn or garden. This water barrel is child-safe and comes with a snug filter and lid, as well as […]

Great American Rain Barrels

Great American Rain Barrels are 60 gallon units, made from recycled food grade barrels three sixteenths of an inch thick right here in the good ole yoU eS of Aye. Rigid plastic like this can take anywhere from 200 to 500 years to find the way back to Mother Nature in the landfill, but when […]

Gutter Brush

Gutter Brush was not so much designed as it was discovered by accident, after Bob the founder of “The GutterBrush” accidentally left a twisted brush in his cabin gutter for a whole year thereby discovering a new way to keep the gutter free of debris. Gutter Brush is a simple yet effective design, technically a […]

Gutter Wand

Gutter Wand was developed to make cleaning out clogged gutters all that much easier, from below, rather than above the gutter level. Easily attached to a common garden hose, gutter wand has an efficient switch for better directing water flow with a blasting spray nozzle that extends more than half a yard. This enhanced reach […]

Roof and Gutter Heating Cables

The roof and gutter heating cable was developed to make sure that neither ice dams nor water, ever damage the gutters or the roof during the winter months. Easily installed, fasteners are provided, products include: 40 foot heating cable 60 foot heating cable 80 foot heating cable 100 foot heating cable Developing products for almost […]

Downspout Extension

A downspout extension is a wonderful way to make sure that rainwater flows in the ideal direction, preserving foundations, plants and flowers. This Downspout Extension fits snugly on existing elbows, either 2×3 inch or 3×4 inch downspouts, and swivels freely 180 degrees or flips up for better gardening or mowing as required. The interesting telescoping […]

Flexible Downspout Extension

Flexible downspout extension (product number 85019) is perfect for making sure that water flows in the proper direction, be that direction, underground, swivel or even joined together with another flexible downspout or extension. Attaching quickly and efficiently to either 2×3 inch or 3×4 inch downspouts, this flexible downspout extension is a bulk, brown color that […]

Rain Drain

RAINDRAIN product URD46 downspout extension was designed to protect against soil erosion, lawn gullies, and washouts and enhance landscaping to keep foundations and basements drier, assisting in retaining structural materials. When It Rains, It Drains.TM When It Shines, It Rewinds.TM Rain Drain is a rain removal system that extends from the downspout only when runoff […]

Rainwater Tank

Here is a small capacity (55 gallon) rainwater tank for rainwater collection. It is a tank and diverter system I make for catalog companies but have some overstock. These are pretty much as good as they get but because the design is different than my traditional rain barrels I only offer them here. This system […]

Rain Barrels

Is a Rain Barrel a Rainwater Harvesting System? You can not call a rain barrel a rainwater harvesting system because it is missing important components for filtration. Rain barrels have been around for many years and are still seen on farms and homes that are environmentally conscious. A rain barrel can be either open ended […]