Rain Barrel Construction

The following rain barrel construction project was done by Scott Dixon from Rexburg, Idaho – rain barrel configuration and parts supplied by Aaron’s Rain Barrels. Step 1. Construction of the Rain Barrels Base Because we had some summer storms coming, I constructed a temporary base for the barrels made of concrete blocks and 2×4 studs. […]

Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems

Natural Wastewater Treatment Systems is book that covers a wide and diverse area, making the difference in the market of today, especially for engineers that are already working in the field and need the scientific knowledge behind the biological aspects of a more self-reliant and sustainable future for our civilization. People already want the ecologically […]

Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse

Wastewater Reclamation and Reuse: Water Quality Management Library, Volume X is a group of studies around the situation in Orange County in the early to late 1990s, unveiled due to increasing pressure from the public about water resources, giving rise to ecologically correct processes in reuse that work with nature. See case studies on what […]

Rainwater Harvesting for Livestock

Rainwater Harvesting for livestock is a way of collecting stormwater from barns and other structures and cleanly redirecting the water for livestock to drink. Rainwater harvesting for livestock also includes keeping rainwater from being polluted by slaughterhouse pollution. A major rational for reason to use common sense is simple. In a water shortage, the animals […]

Make your own Keyhole Garden

The new style of Key Hole Gardening got its name from its shape and is perfect for anyone who wants to retain water and grow plants in any climate. This type of home gardening was developed by C-SAFE to help African residences conserve rainwater runoff resources while gardening. This new style of gardening started in […]

Water Harvesting through Biomimicry

Water harvesting through biomimicry was as easy as studying the Stenocara beetle in the Namibian desert for researcher and zoologist at Oxford University Andrew Parker. Even some of the most advanced dew harvesters used in Chile and Peru using harvesting nets, have not been able to collect as much water from the wind and fog […]

Dew Harvesting

Dew Harvesting is simply taking advantage of water vapor in the atmosphere to harvest clean and potable water through condensation, a passive process that allows water particles to return to the earth in a pure form. Dew harvesting has been practiced by humanity as far back as ancient times, in areas where rainfall and groundwater […]


What is Greywater? Greywater is simply used wash water from the bath, shower, sink or even rooftop rainwater harvesting; this is slightly polluted, very different from either potable (freshwater) or non-useable sewage water (blackwater). Clean water is water with nothing but H2O, greywater has been used once for non-toxic cleansing, but blackwater carries pathogens that […]

Snow Water Harvesting

As a delicate reserve, snow water harvesting has traditionally played an important role in the cultural identity of the agricultural peoples of the Himalayan Mountains. Pragya.org is a development organization registered both in India as well as the UK as non-profit, working to develop vulnerable communities and sensitive ecosystems of the world in an appropriate […]

FerroCement Jar

Are you are looking for a rainwater storage device. What are the options? You could purchase a barrel from one of the major big boxes or one of the specialty stores on the Internet. But dont we have another option? Why dont we build our own? Ferrocement jars have literally been around for centuries; there […]