Bioretention Stormwater Treatment System

StormTreat System is a bioretention storm water treatment system designed to capture and treat the first flush of stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces, removing 90% of the pollutants through mechanical, chemical and biological filtration.

Water is natures most effective solvent, and as such, along with wind and air, is the main transporter of the worlds pollutants; StormTreat System is a way for us to offset that transportation of pollutants ourselves through stewardship that makes sense.

Pollutants are effectively removed from stormwater runoffs above and beyond the call of duty with this system, the following pollutant removal data was collected over a two-year period by clients and confirmed in state-certified labs:

  • Fecal Coliform 97%
  • Total Suspended Solids 98%
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand 82%
  • Total Dissolved Nitrogen 77%
  • Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon 90%
  • Lead 77%
  • Chromium 98%
  • Phosphorus 90%
  • Zinc 90%

StormTreat System has been awarded the EPA Envirotechnology Innovator Award as well as being the first stormwater treatment system to be recognized by the Massachusetts Strategic Environmental Partnership or STEP program.

STS is low maintenance, easily accessible with standard equipment and recommended for Residential Subdivisions, Lake Shores, Commercial Developments, Marinas and Landings, Industrial Sites, Parking Lots, Roads and Highways, Transportation Terminals, Reconstructions, Maintenance Facilities and Habitat Restorations.

Being a compact underground bioretention stormwater treatment system, StormTreat System uses LID (low impact development) technology, avoiding the unsightly and creating an environmentally friendly solution that is pleasing to the eye as well as the heart.


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